Match’em up. PanikBloc is a fast pace game of block stacking that will test the speed of your fingers. It’s available for iPhone®, iPad™ and iPod touch®. Match blocks of corresponding colors to earn points and complete levels. But avoid bombs and stop blocks at all costs. Are your fingers fast enough for Blok Panic?

* Features four levels of fast block action!
* Blue, red, green and yellow. Match them all!
* Avoid bombs and stops, get all the stars!
* Earn the top score, then aim even higher!

GameCenter version with achievements and leader boards coming soon.

How to play

Simply drag a colored box onto another box of the same color to score a match. The star indicates how many more matches are required to continue to the next level. The bomb counter counts down, showing how many seconds are left to the game. The more time left, the higher the score when you match blocks. When the timer reaches 0, its game over.

The are three types of special blocks: bombs, stars and stops.

  • Bomb blocks explode on any contact with other blocks, deducting 2 seconds from the remaining time.
  • Stop blocks are sticky, they will stop the block you are dragging if you get too close to theme.
  • When a colored block is dragged over a star block, all blocks of that color are matched and disapear.

So in review, bombs and stops are bad, starts are good. The objective is to complete each level, scoring as high as possible by matching blocks as fast as possible. The point value of a match depends on the remaining time on the counter.

Levels are divided into 4 sets, each more challenging than the other. New players should start with the “Learn” level set.


You can find BlokPanic in the App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone®, iPad™ and iPod touch®.



All the hard working people that contributed to this game should be mentioned.

  • Alexandre Denault – Game Design and Development
  • Debra Strohl – Level Design and Testing
  • Kevin MacLoed – Music
    • Tracks: Space Fighter Loop, MTA and Pinball Spring